Numark DM1200
Numark DM1200

DM1200, 4+ Channel Mixer from Numark in the DM series.

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bohwaz 01/07/2007

Numark DM1200 : bohwaz's user review


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- Console Rack 19 "
- 4 tracks, 8 tracks (5 lines, 3 phono switch / to) master outputs, zone, send, rec, 2 separate mic.
- RCA connectors except: Balanced Output (XLR), 1 Mic (XLR / Jack), Mic 2 (Jack), headphone (Jack).
- Equaliser right / left nonparametric: from +15 dB to-15dB, frequency of 42Hz, 152Hz, 480Hz, 1.52KHz, 4.8KHz, 15.36KHz.
- No effect.
- Assignable crossfader on either side between the 4 channels.
- Filter Treble / Bass on the mic.
- SWITCH On / Off / Talkover-14dB for the mics.
- Taking power supply for 12V lamp.
- SWITCH, Stereo / Mono outputs for Master and Zone.
- Fader Headphone Mix Cue <-> PGM.
- LED Master Level.

(Note that the model I have does not match the picture: the same location elements, but the signs, logos etc. are placed differently)

Note also the absence of knobs for channels EQUAL. And the lack of gain knob per channel.


This is a table relatively easy to learn, everything is done intuitively and quickly.

Everything is at hand, can not fault it is practical, the faders are awesome, but damn. The SWITCH is strong. Everything exudes solidity and robustness. After all it's Numark so it inspires confidence. My table is used, the switch to assign a path to the left of the crossfader is Pete (apparently even sawn), but everything else works great.

It's been a good job, even with crossfader mix great. But the absence of gain and on ways of EQUAL will be penalized in some. The output area is what Booth called on other mixers, it is used for the return. The Equal general is very useful when you get on the stuff that does not know and does not sound like what we want. This is handy in certain situations.


The sound seems clear I deplore any problems, even the EQ is doing its taf. No breath to deplore a priori.


I use it for a few days for the price I paid (one hundred euros in OCCAZ) I am not disappointed. It's good stuff that will last long in any case it looks designed, even after having been through before. It is suitable for use discomobile or fixed console that will receive input from other consoles, or as it does now, just in a facility postmix homestudio. Cons to the mix by the absence of EQUAL and gain by going to cripple a lot. But if you do not know is pure delight. She does what is asked of him and rather well.

Personal I was looking for just one console for my home studio that makes the postmix simply and well, and for the price I'm not disappointed it works well and it's the same mix (I prefer the Boost madison for the mix, smaller, and simply more planned for that!).

* Equal general output
Fader * cue / mix for the preview, it's better than a knob
* Solid
* Send Out

* No equal / gain by