Pioneer DJM-600
Pioneer DJM-600

DJM-600, 4+ Channel Mixer from Pioneer in the DJM series.

koolkira 02/22/2005

Pioneer DJM-600 : koolkira's user review


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Table very complete with lots of options "asignable sampler has all channels bpm counter effects ...) the biggest strength that I find a cot that table is its practice," can be used for all options with anything and coment "
Let me explain: the cross has 2 x 5 position (4 channels and a trim, which means nothing) they can be used with or for a sampler plate demarage only downside to this one: only 3 comparable position behringer has DJX700 which the curve by knob adjustable.

effects: they are simple adjustable c assignable to all channels including the master even in smpleur I think. the effects are quite limited, but adjustable in volume and tempo.

the sampler: user-assignable to all channels at the same master (based on loop and reloop) but not so precise but hper easy to use.

bpm counter: automatic or manual fairly precise and assignable to all channels including the master

channels: three equa-band gain more. each is switchable to phono line cd ... faders are super oux Nice and it is of 50mm and a cue button on all the tracks (you can listen 1/2/3/4 channels at the same time with the master and 5) but there is something very disappointing to me ki, labscence of kills it on cghaques ways contrary to the DJX700

the master: Amplify enough as it's always in the red (com me in a box if you can not touch the amps drive c) we regret the abscense an equa on this one

micro: his biggest weakness !!!!!! the kil + c is a 3-band equa gain. the - there is a takover manual and not automatic and most of all because no one even really boring c, there is no button on / off the microphone so if the speakers were not too far away or returns, low return to the microphone and make an awful buzzing. why should mute the microphone (if it can not because in my case) and then as I turn the gain and farewell settings.

here I think I just di, this table is really convenient and easy to use and well stocked with options (default is the biggest microphone and then the master is negligible if the rest can be set apart from the abscence of kills EVERY way)
after in life I do not answer you because I have not been able to test that canned 3 months

I put him on his cot 8 ki practice is enormous! 2 points are missing from the microphone, the master and the abscence of kills


See above ............


See the top .................


Ke jai able to test three months so I just not speculate but I can find a CHRE when even compared to the DJX700