[Musikmesse] Pioneer DJM-850

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Pioneer introduces the DJM-850, with two colour choices, four channels, and one hundred effect combinations.

The DJM-850’s Beat Colour Effect uses sidechaining to add another layer of control to Pioneer’s Colour Effects. The Beat Effect ‘listens’ to the audio input of each channel and connects the changes in volume to other parameters. The DJM-850’s integrated four-stereo-channel sound card is designed to simplify setup, with connection to PCs and laptops requiring one cable.

Key Features:

1. Built-in four-stereo-channel sound card
  • The DJM-850 features an integrated sound card, enabling simultaneous input and output with 24-bit/96 kHz processing.
  • With three sampling rates (96 kHz/48 kHz/44.1 kHz), the DJM-850 can be used for music recording and production as well as DJing.
  • Connection to PCs or laptops requires one USB cable, so DJs can start mixing their stored music. Mixer’s compatibility with the timecode feature on Digital Vinyl Systems, such as Traktor.
  • Pioneer’s utility tool launches as soon as the DJM-850 is connected to a computer, allowing DJs to configure the mixer, sound card and audio routing according to their personal preferences.


2. Beat Colour Effect

  • The DJM-850 features the studio technique of sidechaining to add a new element to Pioneer’s Colour Effects.
  • By engaging the Beat button, another dimension of control is automatically added when you apply the Colour Effects. The Beat Colour Effect ‘listens’ to the audio input of each channel and directly connects the rhythmical changes in volume to another parameter: resonance for Filter and Crush, beat repeat for Cutter and ducking volume for the Noise Effect.


3. Beat Effects with new ‘FX Boost’

  • The mixer offers DJs 13 Beat Effects. Along with old favourites, the DJM-850 inherits the Reverb and sound of the tape echo-inspired Spiral Effect from the DJM-900nexus.  Pioneer introduces Up Echo, which is designed to produce a more reserved and controllable mix.
  • Replicating the sound effects achieved by the DJM-900nexus’s touch-sensitive X-Pad, the ‘FX Boost’ function allows the Level/Depth knob to work more proactively than a standard Wet/Dry Control, according to Pioneer. Turn the dial to the 12 o’clock mark for a wet effect and turn it further to add Pitch Up to Up Echo and a High-Pass Filter to the Reverb.


4. EQ isolator on each channel
  • Each channel is home to a three-band equalizer (+6 dB to -26 dB) or three-band isolator (+6 dB to -∞dB).
  • Emulating the isolator on Pioneer’s installation-grade DJM-1000, the DJM-850’s equalizer straddles the range from -26 kill to complete kill.

5. Layout

  • Sound reproduction with reduced noise interference: a 32-bit output D/A convertor; a 32-bit digital signal processor; the separation of analogue and digital circuitry.
  • The DJM-850’s interface mirrors the layout of Pioneer’s mixers.

6. Build

  • The internal parts of the DJM-850’s faders are designed to be nestled well out of harm’s way, so drink spillages aren’t a disaster.
  • Pioneer’s P-Lock Fader Caps are designed to prevent the faders from slipping off accidentally during rough use.

7. Other features

  • MIDI assignable, the DJM-850 also serves as a MIDI controller.
  • The USB port is located on top of the mixer so DJs can switch between connectable devices.
  • The mixer automatically reverts to standby mode if it is not used for a set period of time


Pricing & Availability:

The glossy black DJM-850-K and silver DJM-850-S will be available from late March 2012 at a SRP of 1,499 EUR/1,299 GBP each, including VAT.


Check out Pioneer for more details.

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