Soundcraft D-Mix 500
Soundcraft D-Mix 500

D-Mix 500, 4+ Channel Mixer from Soundcraft.

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meph. 07/16/2006

Soundcraft D-Mix 500 : meph.'s user review


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- Rack
- 7 channels (5 channels Stereo (cd / phono), 2-channel mic / line
- EQ paramtrique
- No effect section, or send / return (the product of commencement date 90
- Outputs: master, 2 Stereo, Mono 1 and 2, rec, booth
- ...


The table is trs intuitive, basic analog and desire. vritable is a UFO, full of lights in all directions. It is simple or extremely simple to use. One big point is ngatif the switch button of track that are 5mm below the button prcoute, so sometimes the way of dye during mix, which is a little ranking. The manual is in English, but who cares she is no longer produced


Sound good lightweight Systm blowing big sound, but I wonder if n'tait not eq the amp rack ... The table sounds great, it's not an Allen & Heath or Urei (Soundcraft), but sounds good, it trs trs trs trs good amplifier is well pr amplifier (cursor 2 or 3 all night with back bottom).


I use it for 8 years, it has long turned around, now she remains at home to practice! I mix on almost every table: Rodec (good) Pioneer (yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk) Allen & Heath (waw) Urei (waw)-gemini numark-... (See Pioneer), and I must admit that my old 500 Dmix always pleases me much, even if it is ending for from retirement to be replaced by a idalie Allen & Heath or Urei ( soundcraft rocks). These lines are a tribute I made this old lady mconnue that never ceases to amaze me!