Synq Audio SMX-1
Synq Audio SMX-1

SMX-1, 4+ Channel Mixer from Synq Audio.

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lenikola 12/09/2005

Synq Audio SMX-1 : lenikola's user review


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* Table 4 channels of 10 entries with 3 phono,
* Chqs channels can be assigned and the possibility to cross several lanes of chqs cots,
* It possde 8 ffects that are totally paramtrables X and Y
* 3 ffects on the cross (which many adjustable curve sr)
* Numrique a farce, 2 XLR outputs (adjustable gain) and two RCA
* 2 Fader Start
* 2 BPM counters

* Weaknesses: _absence send and return ffects (which n 'gde no importance given the ffects Intgr but ...)
_ Of the qualizsrs chqs ways do not cut completely sound:-30dB "only" (very small but with a high volume can interfere

* Strengths: Complete _ffets trs
_compteurs BPM
_assignation ways to think Cross trs well (unlike tables such as Pioneer DJM ...)
SETTING THE _trs good curve cross


Trs intuitive use by the requesting ffects qqs days to familliar with, it is understandable to beginners with no notice mM APRS but it happens to a lot of good stuff.
Sinn jai mM for the manual to look (the way a head is not a manual for a mixer .. Except for the DSP)


Euuuuhh .. ca good question! Actually I did not ssay bcp table to compare the sound level but it seems not bad tt mM and with a super high volume was not bcp breath. rponse frquence in the trs is good and correcting stamp (assymtriques) are trs great job.
Sinn for the qualiser rglage is not bad, it's going to-30dB +10 dB, which is more than enough (APRS sinn saturation.)
I put 8 because qualiser isolator does not (well not totally!)


Sinn I the User for 1 year and a half and I had no pbm it! Nothing moves and nothing s'habime! It's good quality trs for "Made in China" (Taiwan and I sai more.)
For those who do not know, is the Synq premium brand of JBSYSTEMS ..
I'll spare aujourd'ui to spend a DJM600 but sinn 1000X I recommend for those who wish to table a medium-high end! It Mtonnes dailleurs it is sold so few in France ... But hey!
PS 294 in numro PA Mag, t test and the table had 4 / 5 tt the CRITERIA (rapp qual-price, sound, quality production ..)