Akai SynthStation49
Akai SynthStation49
sw80 11/18/2012

Akai SynthStation49 : sw80's user review

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The Akai Professional SynthStation49 has a built in place to put your iPad right on the face of the controller. This was very appealing to me and the main reason why I purchased it not too long ago. I have an iPad version 1 and it works great with it. I love being able to just put my iPad on there and play no matter where I am. It does come with software that you can download for you iPad to use as like your “DAW” even though it really isn’t a DAW.


Setting it up is very simple, it only takes a few minutes. The issue is, when it comes to using this MIDI controller with other APPS on my iPad. That is where it begins to not act right and start to lag and get glitch sometimes. Even in a basic piano app, I have notice a pretty big lag between the time that I push the key and hear the sound.


This is compatible with all versions of the iPad, 1, 2 and 3 (not sure about the mini since it has not be tested yet). The best part about what you will love with this controller is how much fun it is just to put your iPad on there and start playing. If you do not own an iPad then I would not get this controller because you really won’t have a use for it.
Fun is all this is to me, I could not see myself making any “real” music from my iPad so it just turned into a fun thing to have around especially if I go over a family member’s house and just want to play some music.
There is a ¼ audio output on this unit and a volume knob so you can control how loud it will be in your headphones or going to your speakers or other gear. Another great thing about the SynthStation49 is that it will charge your iPad while it is on the controllers dock. That is an added bonus that I did not expect it to do.