M-Audio Axiom 49
M-Audio Axiom 49

Axiom 49, 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio in the Axiom series.

Miclam 02/02/2008

M-Audio Axiom 49 : Miclam's user review


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I can not use my MIDI cable to the connected to my map, then once finished the recording of Cubase SE, I record the sound at the microphone. For midi and audio mixing is not possible!


The keyboard has a response time that can be annoying! Must play ahead to keep the tempo
The other buttons, I do not use them, over the play button, stop recording and are not usable.


Having four octaves is good, the more you can change to go to the grave or the treble.
Otherwise it is a keyboard, it is useless to have settings that are already on the computer