Studiotech MC-49
Studiotech MC-49

MC-49, 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from Studiotech.

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Docteur Frog 02/11/2003

Studiotech MC-49 : Docteur Frog's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The Keyboard control Studiotech MC-49 is a working really well for those who want to program their music on computer or control module or expander on n'importel scne or home. From a clear blue type I-mac Apple gnration 1st, The MC-49 (like the MC-25 and MC-61) n is in the factories of Asia TAHORN manufacturer of o Socit Midiman (M-Audio) is now building his own keyboards (Keystation 49 USB, etc. ..). It possde a keyboard 49 notes (standard size) dynamic, and offers all the Necessary for MIDI controllers do a good job of incremented of events to MIDI / SysEx and notes for your next musical compositions. It is clear that when comparing an MC-49 and a Studiotech Keystation 49 Midiman one wonders o is the difference between two products if the fact that the MC-49 is far more of trs Esth tick, it possde encoders better quality package that offers a CD-Rom Official Steinberg Cubasis, but it does not possde port USB.Certains say it's all the the drama, I say that MIDI is faster. APRS, while the die dpend that it is the plane on which one is ... :-).
But in the end is not the price o achte is an instrument that makes you feel like buying a good instrument (REFERENCE dtest what I call a qualitprix good value). In this case, no one will be surprised to know that the MC-49 costs less than 130 euros.

Ncessaires configurations:
PC connection via port SERIES or MIDI interface: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP.
Macintosh: connection via port or MIDI SERIES: MacOS 9.1 or earlier, OMS 2.3.7 or OMS 2.3.8, OS X.

MIDI: MIDI Out port and COM port for direct computer connection
FULL FUNCTIONALITY: MIDI Controller Keyboard 49 notes. Capable of sending all MIDI messages such as Aftertouch, Modulation, Pitch Bend, MIDI volume, and more::: Bend Dial-Pitech / Calf-Modulation Control / Fader Control + / -. Buttons to select MIDI channels and other menus.
Connection between the sustain pedals.
Systm Plug & Play.
The power of the MC-49 is done either by SERIES port or by batteries, batteries for portability or complte food - external transformer 9v book as in the pack.
29.53 x 9.35 x 2.6 inches


MOST: The keyboard is trs enjoyable to the touch, however if you have to do a thorough comparative study, there is so far in this product line is nothing better than the Edirol keyboards and PCR30 PCR50 I think now I ask that change your mind :-). But this is not the same price. Adapt music programming and integration of events to another, I use on scne 2 x MC-49, one for playing MIDI Parts supplmentaires (register above) that the Nord Electro is transformed into Double keyboard, and one for my images on the grate with the software X-Pose Steinberg - each image and each effect is associated with a spcial note on the keyboard. Free me to play as a preset and add the squence of IMGA epourtant interventions recorded in midi-listed and the effects supplmentaires. Trsvloce.
Yes, I find this really small keyboard., And the blue tone of the keyboard helps some lgance the product. Controllers Pitch Bend and Modulation are also of good quality. We do not feel like the little springs that fixs the pendulum will block the Premire using the dial. I will not give the name of the brand manufacturer but there are abusers.

THE -: The MC-49 could have a fader for possder incremented / dcrmentation a little more flexible. I'm not saying that it is difficult to handle, but far from the good, a bit like rubbing one's confrre the other brand. Any fawn, less than 250 euros - should not try ... a rub :-). Being given that it returns to a re o keyboards - Bandoullires reveinnent front of scnes, we are also entitled to ask why Tahorn not wish to offer a live version of This occurs because in 49 keys, it is easier to wear than 61. (See MC-61: CHARACTERISTICS same / same combat)


I use it since its launch in 2001. To believe that gnration MIDI keyboards do not age (the forecasted is that everyone runs in APRS core of A-30 or equivalents). In fact the MC-49 is functional look, fast and reliable, it is difficiel to affix any critical dplace instrument. Studiotech, marks the group OPDs Guillard Music Distribution, which has hlas bankruptcy in December 2002, could continue to fawn all offer electronic instruments in parallle with Midiman Corporation since International firm has been named the luxury of paying Tahorn by closer business partnerships or exclusive. So for those who are in doubt as to who takes over the warranty LGAL Manufacturer: Please Tahorn, thank you M-Audio :-). So No Soucy!
To Finish
While it does not possde USB ... So what! And then?!?.
Liv with his pack and Cubasis Steinberg, MC-49 is by its ergonomics and its 49-key keyboard CHARACTERISTICS, formidable.