EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet
EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet

5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from EVH in the 5150 III series.

tonmazz 08/06/2012

EVH 5150 III 4x12 Straight Cabinet : tonmazz's user review

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When I evaluate a speaker cabinet, I usually look for several basics. Is it well made is usually the first thing. This was a pleasant surprise from the very beginning. Solid as a rock and made with birch plywood, this thing weighs a ton, 88 pounds to be exact! The rounded edges give it a great look and the EVH emblem adds to the mojo if you are an Eddie Van Halen fan, which luckily I am. Comes in white and black tolex.

So on to the sound, the Celestion EVH 16 Ohm speakers are beasts. They are very similar to H30s which I think they are modeled after, but they seem to lack the high end fizz you sometimes get with traditional H30s. They also have a heavy bottom end that is absolutely addictive. I tried an EVH III amp through a Marshall cab and then through this and there was no comparison. This rocked the music store and shook the walls which is why I walked out with both.

Ok now for a few positives and negatives. I went to remove the back panel to see the speakers and to my happy surprise the back panel wasn't so tight you have to rip the tolex to get it off. It popped right on and off as it should. Marshall should take a lesson from this for sure. A few negatives were that the casters don't roll easy as they bump the rubber feet that are also on the bottom of the cabinet. You clearly have to pick either casters or rubber feet because it doesn't work with both. Also the worst thing is that the input is on the bottom of the cab. This is extremely annoying and I can't see the reason for it. That being said, these minor nuisance items don't take away from the fact that this is one of the best cabs ever and worth a listen for sure.