Marshall 1960A [1990-Current]
Marshall 1960A [1990-Current]

1960A [1990-Current], 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall.

deadrunk 04/12/2010

Marshall 1960A [1990-Current] : deadrunk's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Hello all

A good vieu Marshall JCM 900.

An amp that I use for over 10 years and every style of music and guitar (Ibanez, Cort, gibson)
With a warm boot.

Attention both AC much less cash a Peavy or a low mass. Tip strengthen the body of the amplifier by adding an internal layer.

An excellent price quality ratio.

Today I'm going to change head amp but I keep this cabinet. I'm just going to reinforce the bass because I spend on a head lamp that has a very warm sound.