Soldano 4x12 Standard Straight
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severinsteel 06/05/2012

Soldano 4x12 Standard Straight : severinsteel's user review

« Awesome cab and cheap on the used market »

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I purchased this cabinet with my Soldano Atomic 16 head for 1k. Overall, this is a great speaker cabinet. You don't see these pop up too often on the used market. But, when they do they tend to go for relatively low prices.

Sizewise, they are a little smaller than the Marshall 1960 or the Mesa Traditional cab. They are also somewhat lighter in weight, which is nice. They are made of marine grade baltic birch ply, and are super strong. I don't find them quite as aesthetically pleasing that the Marshall 1960, but that's just me. They are a little plain looking. The metal handles and all the appointments blow away the Marshal cabs, so that's big plus. Everything it top notch.

The speakers are also front loaded, which makes swapping speakers pretty easy. You just take off the grill cloth and frame which is actually attached with some very strong velcro. Super convenient! I've heard front loaded cabs are actually a lot punchier than rear loaded ones, but I haven't really noticed anything too convincing. Probably the best part about the cab, are the custom X12000 speakers made by Eminence. They are like Vintage 30's without the mid spike. Sometimes, they can sound almost too smooth. I might drop in a pair of V30's just to even them out.

Oddly enough, I probably use this cab the least, but I plan on trying it out with some of my newer amp acquisitions. I've had it the longest out of all my cabs, so I got somewhat sick of the sound.