Splawn Amplification 412 Straight
Splawn Amplification 412 Straight

412 Straight, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Splawn Amplification.

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James... 08/12/2011

Splawn Amplification 412 Straight : James...'s user review

« Boutique sound for a lot less »

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I've tried more 4x12's than I can shake a stick at. For the longest time my favorite cab was a Bogner 412. It was the most balanced and organic cab I found. And I had it for years. Unfortunately they are very expensive. Not a lot of people can afford them. I've only tried a few that compare and most of them cost upwards of $1000.

Until I tried the Splawn 4x12. It was sitting in a guitar center on sale for $500. I had to try it. I was amazed at the build quality. Heavy as a pile of bricks. It had the thickest wood I think I've ever seen. I have touched a lot of cabs so I know what a well made one feels like, and this Splawn I could tell had some A+ construction. I didn't know what speakers were in it. But I played it and it sounded great. Like my Bogner but better. To my ears it sounded like a mix of vintage 30's and GH12H speakers. Very syrupy, juicy, full, hot tone. I bought it on the spot and broke my back getting this heavy thing home. I have played Splawn amps but didn't have one to try this through. I did however have a JCM800 and a Bogner Shiva. The JCM800 was glorious. Actually, an 800 through this cab is my favorite british rock tone. And it's the biggest reason I still own it to this day.

I finally looked to see what speakers were in it. Come to find out it was 2 eminence governors and 2 wizards. I've used these before and they are some of my favorite speakers, but this cab makes them sound huge and awesome. The bottom line is this cab had construction that's on par with the best of the best. Seriously. I sold my Bogner and made some cash just to buy another one of these. Scott Splawn is about an hour north of me. I had to drive up to his shop one day and tell him how much I liked his cabs. Saw how he's making them and I was only convinced more of the quality. This is the real deal.