Splawn Amplification 412 Straight
Splawn Amplification 412 Straight

412 Straight, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Splawn Amplification.

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drkorey 04/15/2011

Splawn Amplification 412 Straight : drkorey's user review

« One of the Best Cabs for the Money!! »

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I bought this used - but it was basically a new cab a band had that had never been used.
Here are the specs from the Splawn website:
Made from 3/4" 13 ply baltic birch plywood
Recessed metal handles and connector plate w/ 1/4" and locking 1/4" jacks
Wired for mono operation
High-quality push-in casters w/ rubber feet
Rear-loaded (front-loaded option available)
Closed back
Available in straight, traditional slant, or hybrid slant
29.5" tall 29.5" wide 14" deep

It came with Eminence Govenors and Manowar speakers in an X-pattern.
This is a very solid cab that holds it's own with more expensive builders like Bogner, Mesa and Diezel. The quality and pride in craftsmanship is evident when you look at these cabs.
You can order all cab styles in a wide variety of color combinations, speakers and various ohm ratings to make the perfect cabinet to whatever amplifier you’re connecting it to.
Great looks aside, this thing delivers the goods as a very smooth well balanced cab. It delivers MONSTER LOW END! at concert volume, keeps absolutely tight and sweet, not harsh on the top end, and the mids remain warm yet cut through the mix when pushed.
However, I didn't like the MOW speakers - sounded kind of plastic to me so, I changed them out.
Overall it has a great woody sound character and can handle any volume you throw into it without rumbling and farting out.
They used to be (and may still be) one of the best kept secrets for quality to cost out there. So, value for the price is outstanding.
I also do not like the weight but that come with it being a 4x12.
Before this I owned a VHT fatbottom and an Avatar traditional 4x12 and had played through Marshall 1960B's extensively. It put all of these to shame.
I would buy this cabinet again if I had to make the same choice.