E-MU Xboard 61
E-MU Xboard 61

Xboard 61, 61-Key MIDI Keyboard from E-MU.

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jef_citron 04/25/2007

E-MU Xboard 61 : jef_citron's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Surely the best quality / price ratio


The touch is very good
I tried all the keyboards in a great store of Lyon (Comebackmusic) and frankly after a lot of time the top 3 were found:
EMU Xboard
Novation Remote (especially not LE!)

then obviously it's a bit subjective
but now that I have with me yet I do not regret:
cheaper than the Novation Remote (classic and SL)
so big that the CME UF

The config is simple when you know the trick of the MIDI controller (for a "blue" it is always difficult at the start!)

Manuel ok

I can not find it too light
and I find it very stable
the knobs are great
the keys are very good
Anyway I'm really happy (and yet I am rather "fussy")


Frankly for the price plus Proteus X 1.5 comes with it's almost a gift
About Proteus X: great product that deserves to be explored (sound banks come with are pretty uneven, but this sampler is a very, very high performance that takes the trouble)

What is missing is an expression pedal and maybe a few buttons (but I'm doing with the buttons on my PC)
Otherwise the rest is really excellent