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Fatar / Studiologic VMK-188 plus
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Ehma2Retour Ehma2Retour

«  Good keyboard, but ... »

Publié le 09/05/13 à 22:44
My TR 88 began to have some small problems keys wedged and I needed a new keyboard soon.

I needed a good touch and be able to connect at least two pedals (switch).

It accepts three pedals (Attention, contrary to what the manual says, the one does not work with a continuous controller, thus able to sustain one unless you have a pedal continuously variable).

88 keys, and small control surface pitch ben + modulation)


The feel is great, it's really the point for this keyboard. I found the quality of my old RD600. That's it for the positives.

The manual is to cry with laughter, to give it, so give nothing!

The configuration is not the most intuitive, but that usually, it comes out very quickly!

To send a "program change" I feel that the designer knew that monopatch or not frequently changed sound modules. This is undrinkable!

But the most appalling is the use of pedals, there is plunged into delirium. These are my years of electronics that allowed me to understand the bug. I think they're kidding with latches Schmit or input impedance. It is imperative to connect the unused pedal to the ground and use it as the "negative polarity" (or normally closed for electricians), otherwise unwanted releases or delusional behavior of the pedal support is call.

I've never seen it and my case is not isolated. Fatar even responded to a user "Yes we know, but there is no solution!" It is unimaginable!

One band aftertouch is connected (black button) and apparently it's very common on this model.

I connected the second and tested aftertouch: I never laughed so much! It is simply unusable, except for messing around.

In short Fatar laid an evil thing over and they are not able to correct their mistakes. Shame!!


I've had three days and despite these setbacks is a very good keyboard. But you must watch!

It is unacceptable that Fatar has never corrected these recurring electronic problems.

If not, if you do not have aftertouch, you just want to play the piano, that your pedals are biased "negative" (the term is found in Yamaha) and you with jack "shorted" to fill the input 1, then this keyboard is a marvel.

If not, buy something else!!

If there was not this problem pedal, I would put it on the line 10, as touch is remarkable!

Contrary to many opinions: Since it is designed to be used with a sequencer software, the problem of split and adjustable velocity has no meaning (which makes sense!)

Damage / Fatar heartbreaking for not having corrected the problems that seem so simple to solve. If an experienced electronics could send us a tweak for these entries pedals, it would be after yourself, keyboard exception! If so!

It is not at all to avoid, but you have to know where you put your feet. For me, its overall score can vary from 10 to 5 according to the needs that have been
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