Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
Harley Benton Power Plant Junior

Power Plant Junior, AC Adapters for Pedal from Harley Benton.

Greig 05/24/2013

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior : Greig's user review


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I had had enough of random noises and bulky PSUs (I use one Line 6 PSU, one 1 Spot-like PSU, an ibanez PSU for a fuzz and a Dunlop for the 18V of the OCD... - oh, and I also have the H&K Tube factor PSU). I bought 3 to power 10 pedals (DT10 > Small Stone > MicroVibe > Derr Bender MkII > OCD > LGW > MicroAmp > Boss HF2 > DL4 > DisasterTransport.

The results are conclusive from all points of view: Bulkiness, noise (well below my previous setup), cabling, price. I was able to feed the OCD with 18V and the DL using 3 outputs to guarantee the necessary current (theoretically, 2 are enough but I suffered untimely resets...). The cables supplied are perfect, with right-angled plugs, although they could've added a voltage doubler, now Ill have to solder a bit...

Note: I use the daisy chain supplied as a current multiplier....

I'll update my review after my first gig and in a couple of months, if necessary.
A detachable power cable would have been a plus.