Harley Benton Power Plant Junior
Harley Benton Power Plant Junior

Power Plant Junior, AC Adapters for Pedal from Harley Benton.

Dca lp 09/16/2013

Harley Benton Power Plant Junior : Dca lp's user review

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I bought it secondhand some days ago, this power supply suits me perfectly.
Its value for money is pretty good, not to say it's exceptional!
It can deliver 120mA per output (it has 5), most common pedals, like Boss or Mxr distortions (Tube screamer, etc.), this power supply will certainly know how to please them. You can connect up to 25 pedals via daisy chain, as long as you respect the mA needs of each pedal.
It is also important to note that, unlike the first version (the blue one with more outputs), this one seems more reliable and useful.
Indeed, the first version didn't have isolated connectors, which inevitably produces buzz and other undesirable background noises. Plus, to top it off, its reliability was very questionable...
The defects seem to be solved. This latest version does have isolated connectors, which makes the famous background noises produced by the "power bricks" disappear.
A bet won by Harley Benton. I think it deserves 9/10 given its remarkable value for money.
If you don't believe it's effective, this is how I tested it: I connected my pedals to the loop AND the main speakers, in order to see if I could hear any noise. And I didn't hear anything! I must add that it's almost inevitable to have buzz under such conditions.
Regarding its durability, I can only speak for mine, which I've had for a year.
I'll keep it!