moosers 02/11/2009

Auralex Mopad : moosers's user review


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I bought my set of Auralex Mopads about three years ago. I bought them because I bring my recording set up around to a lot of different places and thought that these would help me to isolate my monitors no matter what my setting was. To a degree this works, but I don't rely of them to do more than what they are made to do - if a room isn't treated properly there is a chance you could still have issues. Overall, I like having these lift my monitors, which are a pair of Yamaha NS-10Ms, off whatever surface, usually wood and prevents it rumbling and isolates the sound. This is a cheap option when it comes to trying to help project the accurate sound you can possible get from your monitors. This of course is ideal when mixing as you want to be able to have an unbiased sound that will portray what it really sounds like without an external factors. The cheap price and the fact that this does help quite a bit make it an attractive option for all who are mixing in a home studio environment and beyond. I've never seen any other company make a product similar to the Auralex Mopads so I don't know how good these are compared to another product like it. At this price, it is worth the risk to try them out and see if they will help your situation as they can do a world of good, as they have done for me. I love having these, but there is only so much that they can do, so don't expect the world from them. This being said, I would definitley recommend home studio owners to check these out as they are a cheap option to isolate your monitors and will help your mixes in the end.