Stagg AB203CE
Stagg AB203CE
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noj 05/24/2006

Stagg AB203CE : noj's user review


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See site Stagg ... contact me if you want more information.


A bit too little frets ... we have no E @ 3rd octave.

Access in highs is not great (playing chords is a bit difficult), but you get used to it.

Don't even try to slap.


Plugge on an amp: the cash is low and all rsons filled all the space! To do a little toy to compensate.

A dry: I t struck by the "prsence" dead notes. We can do aisment groove! A share has been under the impression that the box is cardboard! It's not the big beefy violin well, although dense, so the sound suffers forcment.

But trs happy with the sound of this little low, I expected no more!


I did not buy for functionality amplification, aa t more. I mainly bought it because of being frustrated j'tais dpendant an amp and put the cart in case of beef without gear! C'tait to look friendly beef "dry".

And also to attract some attention (gn gn gn!), Because that was not running in the streets, girls ask: "What has? I not a musician but ... it's weird, usually, more than a guitar string aa, not !?!?!?" , "Listen princess, let me introduce you about the ..." ;-)

For that price, you can not expect a sound or extraordinary CHARACTERISTICS. There's everything you demand a small acoustic CHRE not, what does playing in parks or by the fireplace, bonus and be able to connect without a esprer Godin's semi-hollow . For less than 200 new and shipping included (zieuter shops e-bay), we can not do better!