Breedlove C25/CRH PRO SERIE
Breedlove C25/CRH PRO SERIE

C25/CRH PRO SERIE, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Breedlove.

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ludom 08/30/2010

Breedlove C25/CRH PRO SERIE : ludom's user review

«  and wham! »

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for those unfamiliar with this brand will see here: (watch the eyes, it stings)

This model is the entry level of their custom shop, manufacturing by hand etc. ... choice of wood finish and unique crazy but for a price ....
because all that matters: price, price, the brouzoufs ...


The handle is great, but still below the profile Taylor (which I think is not matched) is still well on the acoustic is a bit of grip.
the interface is terrible, no one with this guitar, it is small, balanced love. it is solid, like the agreement and does not break strings (very important, I have a dy62c alvarez, great guitar, but despite all my efforts pete rope, it's tiring.)
Briefly, every day when I took this guitar, I jubilant fun (nt nt are not heard in here:)


So this is where it is bang, the sound just perfect, either with fingers or by typing in a nag (though this is not really his field) breaks it ca ... I had a taylor 514ce worth + twice, it does not follow the Breedlove (and wait patiently for it to do over time).

plugged, it's lrbaggs elements, I rather know the matrix or in fishman old nb ducer, but it makes him just as much: a common piezo what, who saves the day in many situations. Anyway I will not dwell on how to amplify sound on stage is another matter ...


I have three months since I played on stage in full configurations, duo, acoustic groups and electric and even with a classical orchestra, every time they came to congratulate me on the sound and ask me renseigenements on the guitar, either other musicians or people in the public's very surprising ... (I said about the sound, hin, not on my game, I would not be taxed melonnite)
often you change instruments and asked "did you see how hin k'ça Calbut the tears?" and they reply "oh this is new? I had not noticed" grrrr.

I tried many of which are basically, since I cotois full of guitarists, king, Larrivee, Taylor, bourgeois guitars luthiers santacruz etc ...

recess, we will not compare this guitar with models has 5 or 6000 euros, but yet she plays in this court there is exceptional.

everything you can read about this guitar is true, but still far from a real grip where you fall in love, Defintion:)

in the words of higher woody: "c unquestionably a monster that Breedlove has made for this award."