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Ibanez AEL20E : Anonymous 's user review

«  also need some information! »

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and good j bought my ibanez ael, it scratches very well, but being my first guitar electro I do not know What is the snap; phase (shame on me, believe the good!) above that have tried to electro, I have great run this button, the sound does not move! then?
thank you for your response!
Other than that, it is really excellent, with no tuner, certainly the previous model that came out with built-in tuner;
sound, even in sound is very good, well made with serious already well and a small problem, I find neenmoins, I find it a bit heavy and not very good hand hold, say uncomfortable (even notice previously mentioned! ) has a cause of too much cash, here's .. a bientot!
the handle can be a bit too wide? blah ... blah!


So the weight a little too heavy!

handle well! the problem without access to acute
the sound is easy, because the guitar is sensitive;
box too large


style blues, it is very very good!
non-folk, rock, yes, I have the amp connected to an acoustic Berhinger, very good!


still good, especially blues, and c is the reason why I had bought!
I have bought the second hand with a cover! ras!