Lâg 4S100BCE
Lâg 4S100BCE
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alexba 02/01/2006

Lâg 4S100BCE : alexba's user review


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Certainly made in Asia.
neck, ribs, and back accajou. The bottom is solid and made of two symmetrical parts (same stick)
Spruce top, this is a piece of solid spruce probably average quality with a tackle on both sides which is very pretty, Sere and fiber into two symmetrical parts.
key palissandre.Le bridge and bridge pins is not it more practical and solid.
the finish is very neat. Satin soft-touch, which gives effect naturel.Bindings wood (maple and rosewood), pearl inlaid logo.
The body is shaped jumbo but small, making it compact enough guitar.
Rising home with Elixir Nanoweb strings, rare enough to be mentioned its commitment to quality shows of the brand.
By rose against the screen-printed and Silet are really cheap plastic, its contrast with the rest, shame ...


I find the handle very nice, thick ASEZ, and satin varnish gives a nice touch.
The guitar comes fully set, it is easy to play, spend all agreements barred <span class="skimwords-unlinked">seuls.Pas</span> rope that border even in the treble.
Access to acute is not great but that's normal in this style of guitar.


The sound is very correct.Plutot round, not too metallique.C is rather versatile sound will match many styles.Manque of personality but can be really beautiful, we take pleasure in jouer.Je think she has is a game by picking the daptée but doing well in rythmiques.Les lowest notes are a bit off but the sound is powerful enough.


It's a guitar in this range retain <span class="skimwords-unlinked">prix.Elle</span> is original in its finish (shape of the head and heel, changes its decorations ...), guitars that are all the same (in appearance).
The value for money seems to me entirely correct (€ 180), good guitar ComenC (like me ...)
I put some pictures in my profile for those that his interress.