Landwood FG20CBKPU
Landwood FG20CBKPU
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Life61line 03/10/2013

Landwood FG20CBKPU : Life61line's user review


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So after 10 years of using this guitar, I will give an objective opinion: This is an excellent acoustic if you fall on the right ...
Let me explain: I have 2 models of this guitar, one acoustic and the other electro-acoustic. The acoustics are excellent and electro is a stew and yet, only the color changes (in addition of course preamp in electro ....)
So I will tell you that the acoustics. The model name is: FG-20CBK.
21 frets, neck slightly convexe.La guitar midnight blue with ivory piping front and derrière.L opening is oval gypsy way. It is a beautiful guitar.


The handle is very nice. No offense to malcontents who swear by Taylor, Martin, Seagull and company, this is a autoroute.Le rosewood handle slides perfectly and frets, despite more than 10 years of weekly use, are IMPECC ... .
The ergonomics are excellent. The guitar is relatively light and well balanced.
Access to acute is correct. The thickness of the body of the guitar is a little embarrassing for short fingers over the last 3 frets.
The sound is nickel strings lambda (Martin, Fender or D'Addario ....)


For scratching among friends and family in the song, it's great. The sound is clear and well balanced. The bass is very round and sharp slap if you use a pick a little stiff. In picking, she's doing very well.
Overall, the projection is good without reaching the peaks of brands but it gives a perfect exchange.


So I bought 2 of these guitars in 2000. From memory, I should have to pay two francs for 2000 at the time. We will say that this acoustic sell around 130/140 euros today. At this price, I bought again if this is my first guitar. Today I have several acoustic and electro-acoustic.
The Landwood is obviously worse than a Furch or Seagull but it is largely due to head Ibanez, Epiphone and other Fender I own and which are also for sale ...
Its price / quality ratio is unbeatable and when I go, it always produces its effect.