Landwood FG20CBKPU
Landwood FG20CBKPU
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MetalRod 07/06/2006

Landwood FG20CBKPU : MetalRod's user review


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No idea


- The handle is a real ordeal.
- Anyway you can access the treble.
- The guitar is light.
- The sound is unfortunately very bad.


Caution nothing goes, this guitar can not be used in any style just because of his huge problem correctly!


I use this guitar from time to time: it is a loan and fortunately ... I use it when I'm not at home ...

This guitar could be seduced by its cute design plutoit beginners but not for experienced guitarists.
The problem is that it is actually quite zero. Sorry but the truth must be told. A beginner who buys this guitar may abandon the practice of the instrument to the point it is difficult to play over here:
The guitar goes out of tune after about three seconds (True !!!), the sounds are bad ...
Just an instrument to Deco on the edge but only ...