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LimiterOff 05/29/2007

Tacoma Guitars Chief C1C : LimiterOff's user review


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Made in the states
I have the preamp model with Fisherman's Friend;) but there are no external adjustments. The seller told me that the preamp is poor and the one he prefers, although as a rule he prefers to use only the settings on the amp.
I chose among others because it is super nice. Wood is beautiful.
What is surprising when you see the first time report on the Internet or the mags (I saw it the first time in a guitar mag acc.) Is the size. It is smaller than access the guitar you see in the store usually.


The playability is amazing. We feel quite a difference. Access to acute is no comparison with a cutaway folk obviously not. It is made to play nervously, like gypsy etc, and filled with great role. I love playing "has the electric" above. It's exhilarating.


Sound is a beautiful fall. I play lots of different ways it because I like having lots of strings to my guitar .. er to my bow. I amplifies the moment with an amp electric lamp has peavey classic 30 or directly on the sound system. It is on the elec amp is not the best but still love the sound. The game seems fluid as you can hear every note clearly.


I qq months since, and have done with that, but I can not imagine having another guitar. I wanted to buy time for a good guitar, even pay a bit expensive. I tried quite frankly a model that had little to say, or at least that does not really suit me. This guitar is now part of my image. It is not free and not easy to find but I'm happy because it helps me contruire my little world. Is this the guitar you need?