Takamine EAN60C
Takamine EAN60C

EAN60C, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Takamine in the Naturals series.

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ozerbrut 09/16/2006

Takamine EAN60C : ozerbrut's user review


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Japanese. Nylon strings. Channel strait over a conventional bomb and slightly folk genre. Pan shot for a better ACCS in the treble. DIFFERENT pramplis choose the order (such as their famous prampli lamp (CT-1 Cool Tube) Intgr tuner.


Trs good finish. Surface satin trs enjoyable to touch but produces more noise of friction (when rubbed the table with fingers intentionally or not) on a smooth surface gloss.
Channel super enjoyable. More than a strait classic. Softness and roundness of the nylon while having a jouabilit folk genre.
Rglage prampli simple and complete (qualiseur + tuner)
Immediately a basic sound excellent.


Acoustics, its enjoyable to be accompanied on vocals.
Class if you ordered the prampli tube, you can have a "normal" but also a classical nylon sound "monster potatoes" taking advantage of the tube (they sound totally s'loigne classic but then what a sound!)


APRS several years with a folk mtal, a friend told me a former MODEL dernirement prt of takamine nylon. And aa t a Discoveries for me. Softness, fullness in the sound and smooth and easy to play with nylon strings. Better reflects what I wanted as an accompaniment for my tone of voice and my style of play (which was too aggressive with ropes mtal). So I fell for this takamine for 2 weeks I finally found the sound and jouabilit that suited me. Some will find that its "tube" is a gadget that dnature the sound "classic", but some can be a style with this new sound pchu trs especially for those who want to enjoy the classic sound This guitar, keep prampli excellent book that automatically plutt replace with "Cool Tube".
Particulire a guitar for a style of play and a sound particulire.