Takamine EAN60C
Takamine EAN60C

EAN60C, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Takamine in the Naturals series.

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jcbas 09/04/2006

Takamine EAN60C : jcbas's user review


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Made in Japan this guitar is made in pure wood species see the doc on the site-takamine

(Preamp ctp 1) light, volume, volume 3bande + lamp + modulating frequency


The handle is pleasant access to the AIS is acute but the one comfort we obtain its
in the upper part up to the fifteenth frets after you have to be clever
Its weight is pretty decent but not lightweight.


I play mainly jazz bossa blues solos etc ...
aer amp with a 60 Above all I seek only a hot and a pure veloutbr /> I found this alchemy with this set taka / aer the sound is hot jazzy
I play about four hours a day with, is I'm still in love with her
a sound like I would compare it, I had versions prededentes they are all
ok there is that the preamp has changed


I use it for over a year but I always use her sisters one of them has more than ten years I have three
I tried many other models I always came back to my nylon taka
the sound is unique and best suited to my game
I do not regret my purchase and I advise to jazz and classical musicians and other
price I pay 850euros to my favorite retailer