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Gregodo 05/28/2006

Takamine EG510SC : Gregodo's user review


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My takamine was manufactured in Korea:

It is shaped dreadnought, cutaway, mahogany body, solid spruce, rose turquoise, nato neck, rosewood fingerboard 20 frets, rosewood bridge, the finish is satin.

The chrome tuners are oil bath.

The preamp is to model TK-4N: volume, 3-band EQ, mid contour (EQ preset), notch filter (anti-feedback), EQ bypass.

The tuner is built.


Very light guitar. Channel "soft", very nice (a characteristic of takamine)

The cutaway allows a maximum of acute.

The option of programming the equalization handy.

Malga transportation and small shocks, it does not go out of tune.


Houses for recordings and on stage (acoustic pop), I find this guitar at the same time easy, powerful and accurate (in arpeggios as chords).

Reproduces quite well the preamp side round and woody sound.


I use this guitar for over 2 years as a concert recording. It allows me to highlight the melody of my songs and gives them a freshness.

Although I did find that the qualities, my overall score does not care about the quality / price ratio.