Takamine EG540CBS
Takamine EG540CBS

EG540CBS, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Takamine in the G Series NEX series.

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Forezvert 12/16/2004

Takamine EG540CBS : Forezvert's user review


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Acoustic electric guitar made in Korea, 21 frets;
Body Shape: NEX Cutaway-rosette Reason: rings, solid table pica, gloss,
- Dos and wicker covers nato, rosewood fingerboard,
- Rosewood bridge, mechanical chrome oil bath
A microphone under the bridge to religious prampli takamine TK4NT gualiseur with three bands, volume control, filter to reduce the feedback on scne, and a tuner incorporated very practical!

EG-540 CBS version (transparent blue) version CRS is red and blue.


Channel enjoyable, do not hang the frets, the action level a little high, no curls.
Access in the form facilitates sharp cutaway.
Ultra lgre for a guitar of this type with the electro-board.
Handy enhanced by the shape of the body Reduces enough.


Good for the support and excellent for picking. Sound (plutt dry lens) shows acoustic trs well despite the small size of the fund, but without reaching a jumbo.
Given the quality of prampli Taka, the sound is clear even on an electric guitar amp!!
Lacks a little low.


I possde this guitar for a month.
What I like:
The prampli (a jewelry) as (comfortable) of the body and its color (translucent blue). The pure and dry. The comfort of picking game (excellent). Price level quality: Excellent

What I did not aim:
RULES action a little high from the factory (rglage to do with a luthier) and lack of attachment to the strap to the handle (which is lacking in a Takamine!).

Before I tried Ovation cel (CC-024 lacks safe if plugged in acoustic) Ibanez Masa SX72 (note identical Ovation-branch excels ..) and CORT SFX 10 (This one was one that tickled me the most - Excellent guitar-Taka Actually made the diffrence in the ct Aesthetics (subjective!)
otherwise the two guitars are alike ....