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Tionline 08/23/2004

Takamine EGS430SC : Tionline's user review


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Factory Tawan
20 boxes, electro-acoustic, with good pickups I got, and with a prampli slecteur gain, rglage bass, and treble mdiums. There is also a small red loupiote vrifier to the level of the stack.
I believe that the wood used sounds mahogany and spruce, the fingerboard is rosewood.


The handle is enjoyable to play and it is very easy dplace above. However, it is quite wide, which is may be not all got the whole even if it remains comfortable. Access in acute is facilitated by the pan by the handle once and who loses in thickness.
The ergonomics are well thought out, the guitar is not too heavy and with its shape, we have trs well in hand in any position.
I think the strings are too prs key, because it loses power, and we find ourselves obliged to a deep draft (medium for me) to ring the guitar. this level is not forcment absolute comfort for several hours playing track (or not) can quickly rvler painful. At the same time aa the advantage of providing a quick start.
It plays easily in many styles (personally, I do coaching, gypsy jazz, the finger-picking and Irish music in DADGAD agreement).


The sounds are good plutt (overall ...) for a guitar of this price.
One-dot symbol: it is not equilibrated trs! If the acute and especially mdiums have a trs beautiful sound, rich and bright hope, I think the bass is too weak, a little tufts ... So try it before buying, this may not be what is best for you (well adpend of each).
For a, I would say that it's almost an electric guitar because it is only an amp (plus pramp Intgr bte that can give everything she has in the stomach.
I plugged into a Carlsbro Sherwood Baby, and adchire all! %% 2Cidproduit 2C21930.html
In short, everything goes well, it's a versatile guitar and harmony is beautiful, EXCEPT low, fortunately, it catches up easily with amplification.


was 5 years that I use this guitar and it suits me perfectly for what I do, even if sometimes I regret having little low. But as I said dj, with an amp, a good password trs.
In comparison with other guitars comparable prices, it does not blush, she is doing well plutt, a good notch above average thanks to its sound good trs enjoyable quality to cost.
The ratio quality price is more than respectable, but be careful before buying this guitar, ask yourself if you will not regret beautiful bass very deep and then also if you go out with it requires deep draft.

With exprience, I would do this without too much hsitation choice unless I had a lot of money!