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Day after day 08/31/2010

Takamine EN10-12 : Day after day's user review

" A standard"

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Electro-acoustic guitar Dreadnought shape with no cutaway, made in Japan (mine 95).
This is the declination "12 strings" of the flagship model of my house: EN10C (also known as epochs EAN10C, TAN10C, ETN10C ...).

Solid cedar top, mahogany body (laminated seems to me there but not certainty) nets, plastic container, colored wood rosette very sober.
The neck is 20 frets mahogany.
The fingerboard and bridge are rosewood theory but on my model is very dark wood (dyeing? Ebony?), The nuts are bone.
Sensor "palathetic pickup" of the brand: a reference
The preamp is an original Graph-ex that I replaced with a CT4B-II (3 bands, volume, tuner).
The preamp is interchangeable. The sensor has changed little in 20 years, go for a used model will change the preamp later ;-)

It is very difficult to find a guitar of this type of occasion. I do not think anyone wants to get rid of this model is better because it is priced much higher!

An 8 / 10 for features because of the credit rolled.


The handle is very nice. The strings set very low, no frieze playing normally.
Is large enough compared with six strings (yeah right I stop to say too many things that nobody knows -_-') but we can go without the thumb of giant hand.

Is in electrical plug and play. The tuner is really excellent precision and speed!

Wholesale use "What else?" (10/10)


The problem with the twelve-strings is that there is not plenty of choice.
At the same time it is fast enough that the model is preferred.

I was looking for a 12-string (see the fourth as the third) guitar. I needed something well thought out, effective at the scene at home and hand Takamine left no chance for competition (but I had to be patient to find one used).
New, it was well placed at the time but also equipped with the tube preamp that adds harmonic (while the micro Takamine really does not need additional harmonics, especially in the treble, especially for a 12 string .. .)
Fortunately for them, they returned to CT4B-II recently ...

In short, I digress: the acoustic sound is very good. This is perfect for boisterous rhythms and arpeggios to pick. The good old table, the sound is clear and well équiibré.
The bass is back: as a twelve-string what!
It is still not very warm or very "typed" as his. It's boilerplate "Takamine" what. For me it's the right thing, John Butler I can understand he goes somewhere else ...

In electro is the Takamine. This mark through the years and is always well placed. The sound is clear, accurate, respectful of the dynamics of play we find the slight lack of bass and treble very present (I personally attenuated).
In electro is one of the best twelve-string available.

A very good acoustic sound (there are better on, but not at this price point), and electronic reliability and efficiency.
7,5 / 10 for audio and 8.5 / 10 electro.


I use it for 2 ½ years, and it's always a treat to play on.
I climb ropes POLYWEB Elixir (warmer sound) for failing to change them too often (a priesthood for the twelve-string players)

I tested a dozen models in all prices.
I liked the TAN10-12. I preferred to wait for an opportunity to make a very good deal (500 euros with 6 months warranty in store).

What I like most:
- Versatility: electric or acoustic, ballad or rock ...
- Efficiency: it does its job without fuss.
- Reliability: never down, always present. For an amateur musician in my eyes is the most important quality that must have an instrument. And I must say that Takamine never let me down on this plan there.

A good 9 / 10 for a guitar sober, efficient, versatile and reliable.