Taylor 110e [2004-2006]
Taylor 110e [2004-2006]

110e [2004-2006], Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Taylor in the 100 series.

dubsoniq 04/08/2006

Taylor 110e [2004-2006] : dubsoniq's user review


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A guitar made in United States.
Fishman Stereo Blender.
Ebony fingerboard and bridge.
Mahogany solid.
Back and sides laminated mahogany.
Solid spruce top.
Mechanical oil bath.


The neck is super nice, thin, flat, outstanding comfort.
Dreadnought shape does not necessarily easy access to the treble.
The guitar itself is very light, it is well on the body and does not tire.
The body has a reduced thickness, offset by the rounded back which does not have dams and provides more dynamic - the comfort is improved.
As against the original action is too high and rather intended to use the 110 rhythm.



The sound is complex and balanced, low current, a little hard, crystalline highs and singing, rather mediums round but slightly indented. Its a pretty folk-rock.

After several months of use, adjustment of the neck (low action) and a change of strings (Elixir Nanoweb Medium 13-56), the sound seems sharper than the purchase. Always a good definition bass and crystalline highs but the mids are better defined.

I replaced the original plastic pegs with ebony pegs: the sound has gained resonance and sustain, it is much warmer.

Overall, the sound has personality and presence, we can really do something, but more depth would be welcome: we see here that we are dealing with an against-plated and not a massive .


Contrary to what I read here and there, I find the piezo pretty good. Still need to know set the preamp Fishman Stereo Blender, which offers the possibility to mix the sound of the piezo (clear and dry) with the sound of a condenser microphone placed inside of the body (a lot of resonance and heat ). I come from the power so I kind of got a powerful and slamming.

After a year I switched to the sound from microphone static password so I completely piezo sensor (if it is taken to double the solo and add a kind of chorus), the result is more acoustic and natural.


I like the sound balanced and powerful without being showy crystal.
For € 890, there is a guitar made in United States with noble woods.
Well, back and sides are mahogany laminate and solid but not for the price ...
For 10 to € 15 more, a good trick is to put ebony pegs instead of plastic anchors of origin, the sound is radically improved.

After a year of intensive use, I do not regret my choice but I think today for the same price I might have a tendency to look to the Asian high-end: the back and sides against plywood offer dynamic sound but lacking in depth, and the original action involves significant work (filing the nut, but also touch the bridge) to make the 110 capable of supporting more technical musical performances.