Yamaha A1M
Yamaha A1M

A1M, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Yamaha in the A series.

Tarasoulba 08/18/2013

Yamaha A1M : Tarasoulba's user review

«  All good. Q / P ratio rarely achieved »

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Made in China but with a specification obviously very demanding. Impéquables finishes.
neck 20 frets rather thin, flat (flat C might say). Matt varnish ending that leaves the matter to see and feel the wood. Some find it old school. I love it. We feel the material, it's patina and it slides quickly incredibly well. Key rosewood. Fairly low action. Playing comfort worthy of much more expensive guitars. In the Yamaha tradition. I have a Takamine, a Lag, an Ovation. This Yamaha their holds a candle in terms of comfort This game is simple, for 10 months I have, I have hardly played the others.
electronics in the input range of the series is simple but remarkable (even piezo pickup on the high end - band in easel-1 mic cord). Classic EQ with a possible modulation of mediums to treble or bass, which allows full control of sounds (from matt to glossy). Beautiful presence of severe (especially amplified). Outstanding sound projection.


To see the handle on top. No complaints. Only access to the treble is a notch below, but it is not really his vocation. However, they sound perfectly.


rich tones, natural (super micro - no effect "duck" as it can be with some piezo). the violin is really at. The Notes are always crystal (powered or not), attacks strings are returned as the harmonics are just waiting to emerge and sustain is very good. THE sound is controllable (amplified) to choose his sound palette (low, medium and treble emphasized).
I use it mainly on a Marshall AS50 D is that of happiness. Accompaniment, rhythm, solo she knows everything.
A guitar to play, work, grow, make the scene.
And for the quality of wood used, I'm sure she will improve with time.


I've had 10 months. The day I bought it I had gone to buy a guitar in a price range around 1000 €. I tested a Guild, a Takamine, a Lag (mine is not electro-acoustic), and I could not decide. I liked something in each of these guitars (all in this budget € 900-1200) but without the favorite. The seller offered me to try the new Yamaha a little desperation (it was cheaper ...) telling me he expected the 3 series (single-board electronics exchange in terms of richness of Equalization - mics are identical). And then, bam. The magic worked immediately. Balance, playability, comfort, sound. It had everything and a really reasonable price. I find it more aesthetically pleasing (but this is specific to each individual case). I love this guitar for its qualities but can be even more because it is an instrument with which one is not afraid to play (everywhere!)
The value for money? one of the best I've ever seen .. One note: 8.5 / 9.