alechat 02/13/2013

Yamaha A3M : alechat's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
China Production Yamaha ... but it is time to review and revise the idea that one has guitars made in China ..
Some purists will always criticize because it is true that it poses real ethical and social issues but how ... ???
Like it or not, the work is very neat with a quality violin ..

- Top: Sitka Spruce solid
- Back: Mahogany Solid
- Sides: Mahogany Solid
- Neck: Mahogany
- Fingerboard: Ebony
- Scale: 650 mm
- Nut Width: 43 mm
- Preamp: System 63 SRT
- Bridge: Ebony
- Tuners: Chrome Die-Cast


Handle very nice and perfect ergonomics.
SRT preamp takes a little time to fully exploit but evidence to the contrary, in this range, there is nothing better ..
I tried almost everything: Bband, Takamine Fishman, etc. .. Unless you own a pair of high-end microphones, I do not see how to do better?


I have different guitars, electric and electro-acoustic acoustiquss, including my old Takamine EN 20, which ages beautifully acoustic preamp but is obsolete ...
It must be admitted, with the Yamaha A3M, acoustic is already very, electro, it's downright stunning and almost pro.
Out of the question to the promotion of a model, trademark or other. The goal is to help each other to find instruments with the best quality / price possible ... For example, Yamaha, I had a CX and I felt that it was a shovel, ditto for the APX I also tried ...
I started this review with nylon NCX series, "excellent" ...
We must recognize that their series A, at least for my A3M is a really good guitar, a great success ....


If you are fortunate, a Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Larrivee, Maton, Guild and others I forget .. may be higher, of course ..
But whether you're pro or beginner, rich or poor, I think this guitar is excellent and will make you happy .. musical This really is a great guitar ..