Yamaha APX3M
Yamaha APX3M

APX3M, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Yamaha in the APX series.

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dav_boisv 05/17/2006

Yamaha APX3M : dav_boisv's user review


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- The feature I like most about this guitar that's versatility. I use it standalone for the studio and it sounds great, good acoustics and good Cais de resonance. Live coupled with good acoustic amp is just feeling the warmth of his acoustic which emerges from this guitar and it was especially entitled to a good pickup, including a 3-band EQ and volume knob. But where it become the most interesting simulation is coupled with a pro behringer vamp. Even without blocking the rosette she doing in this very well and does not include the feedback environment. It can go from Metallica to the harmonium without any stumbles! Everything sounds great on this guitar: blues, country, rock, etc. ..... Only downside, it has no built-in tuner. But it it a gadget again.


Channel pleasant departure I chose to do so.
Seen that form sharp cutaway access is child's play.
Very well thought out, nice and lightness ... Remains still quite massive.
For sound, well you get what you want.


-It suits my style and all styles.
I use it alone or plug into a vamp-pro.
My curse-3 3rd string buzz on the 12th fret but above all a setting!


I use it for 2 years
"I like everything so a remake would be ca I chilled this choice.