Carlsbro Sherwood 65W
Carlsbro Sherwood 65W

Sherwood 65W, Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifier from Carlsbro.

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mamattou 05/19/2006

Carlsbro Sherwood 65W : mamattou's user review


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65W transistor amplifier for electro acoustic guitar.Two separate channels:- One for the guitar (jack socket) with gain and semi-parametric equalisation (mid range).- One for vocals (jack or XLR). With controls for gain, bass and treble.General volume and reverb controls.Send and return for an effects loop.Tweeter selector on the back panel. 


The config is simple and complete. You get what you want almost immediately and all sounds are good. It perfectly reproduced (the sounds of) acoustic guitars mounted with piezo or contact. The semi-parametric eq can shape the sound to perfection.


We can all plug in to this combo. It is magical. We can even play the electric guitar or the bass through it. Obviously, there are no plans for that and it does not excel in these areas. However, the sounds that can be obtained with different inappropriate instruments proves its quality. The presence of a selector for the tweeter provides added clarity and sought after treble sounds for some acoustic guitars and voices.


Of course this is not an AER, but it remains a formidable combo highlighting any electro-acoustic guitar for any style of music. I bought it used about ten years ago now and I am delighted to have it. I do not know if the newer models are as good. In any case I recommend it to anyone who wants to amplify an acoustic guitar for not too much money, it's stunning!