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Fender Acoustasonic SFX II
Fender Acoustasonic SFX II
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Publié le 11/20/08 à 13:45
Value For Money : Excellent
For CHARACTERISTICS, I invite you refer to the descriptions of websites.
The strength-booster every description, is "all in one": The suggested entry = Instruments, micro,. ... tural flexibility and allow for multiple uses.
The wealth of rglages (bass, treble, mid on each channel), effects (16 for each of the two inputs), will provide many opportunities that fit each instrument and musician based on their needs ...
The SFX-surround sound effect, and String are the most dynamic of this amp.
The weight of more than 27kg and size makes it an amp dlicat transport ...


Connecting and rglages are just trs.
For my first attempt I had all rglages "in the middle" and the sound is stunning dj; reproductive Fidler most of the instrument by switching to faster rglages trs' "ractif" of the amp: Finally rglages that allow one to hear every movement tural Difference.
The manual is very well described, it goes straight to the point.
One regret, however, it is dpourvu of usage tips: Rglages "types" depending on the effect of his desire DSIR etc ... Less technical precision of the evolution obtained in the case of game on the new knobs as the "Dynamic String" and "SFX" for example and use depending on the size of the room etc ... These will certainly find rglages but at the cost of several trials and tests.
The manual is available online at Fender.


The versatility of this amp can play all types of music: Pop, Folk, classical, solo, picking etc ...
I tried it on a Takamine TSF48C, the sound is trs Fidler.
In terms of rglages, I can say that the knobs are trs "ractifs", which can really get an IMMEDIATE evolution of tonal effects without too maneuver knobs.
In the rglages del classic, most brought by the "string dynamics" and "SFX" are bluffing: The entire string dynamics enlve agressivit acute and adds to the warmth of the sound.
The SFX as it is completely new and stunning: The sound invaded pice: You look at the musician to play and you can not know the amp is placed o!
In addition, this particular feature allows you to position the amp a little anywhere in pice: the sound is widely diffused both to the guitarist, the 2nd instrument and audience.


I have this amp for 6 months, I ogled prs since 2 years ...
I dj essay or cost a lot of amp before (Marshall, AER, Roland, Ibanez ...) which Acoustasonic Junior (the small ERRF of SFX) Me with the latter leaves a good impression but I wanted something more complete, more versatile and more powerful for acoustic instruments (possibility of amplification of a saxophone).
I followed the advice read on sites amricains because there was little notice in France on this amp ... all agree on the quality of the product.
I love the vintage look, its "clumsy" and "good old stuff amricain" The knobs of the leather casing, via the web everything is really neat and gives an impression of solidity rlle.
The ratio quality price is excellent.
Only regret: I had to buy it on the Internet from a German site and cot warranty Fender-France 5 years (3 years in Germany): It is believed that merchants do not have French DTEC undergo the dollar against the euro: This product is manufactured in Amrique Fender (Mexico) and then pay in dollars, on sites amricains the product is sold 532 euros or $ 799 retail price! I think (and j'espre) providers have even less expensive than a: The price in France, unlike Germany or Switzerland, has never declined since 2 years .. . What's wrong ... Businesses franais does he not follow the NEWS and would therefore have by unscrupulous sellers? Do customers to inform them of the situation MONETARY (09/06/08 at 1000euros = 632 dollars)? Between sites french (the cheapest) and German and Swiss sites, more than 190 euros to cart! Too bad ...
The weight and size of this amp are not doing a great traveler: It is heavy and cumbersome but that also gives its charm (solid and robust ...)
I do it again this choice without problem. (A 2 will make me home ... but hey, when you love ...)