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Here are the specifics of the manufacturer:

Compact Line Array = Ultra wide horizontal dispersion & deeper sound penetration
Two Mic / Instrument Channels
High-quality preamps
3-band EQ
Phantom Power
Independent Reverb level
Effect Loop
Feedback-fighting Phase and Notch filters

Six 4 "mid-woofers, patented dual gap, high excursion design, neodymium magnets (200W)
One 1 "Neodymium soft dome tweeter With level control (20W)

Auxiliary Stereo Input With Level Control
Four Digital Reverb effects With master level
Balanced XLR DI outputs for Both channels and main mix
Unique Monitor I / O for Improved on-stage monitoring all
Mute with remote footswitch input
Tuner Output
Ships With Stand and padded Carry Bag (w / wheels)
Dimensions: 41.5 "H x 5.6" W x 6.6 "D
* Weight: 25 lbs Without Stand, and Stand With Bag 35lbs


I tried all morning today ...

I am the happy owner of a Taylor 612C which became my main guitar since I stopped playing electric ...

I now producing on stage accompanied by a pianist and a saxophonist, I wanted the following solution:

Return of the acoustic perfection of my Taylor 612 C (equipped with the Highlander)

Proper dissemination to the acoustic guitar and vocals ... without need for additional sound!

Reduced assembly time (I just quit playing in a rock band with which you moved each time a ton of stuff: It was more than music and handling as they played a lot, I eventually get bored!)

I logically tried Solamp:

In short, the concept is successful and perfectly suited to the dissemination of a guitar and a voice!

It offers all the benefits you want!

It's pretty clear one: To find the sound of my guitar I just lowered the treble ... and Zou!

not need DI box :-)


The sound is just very pure!

Power is the appointment: I put the gain to three quarters before the clip does not trigger saturation.

Then I put the master in just nine hours and everyone hear me in the store!

So the reserve of power ... The diffusion is ...
U.S. STANDARD ... Better than the usually used sonos

Everybody hears it, the musician as the listener!

My Taylor is simply amplified uncolored metal or "plastic" ...

If I type on my body, I intend to sound as if I had a microphone in front of the rose ...

The reverbs are effective easy to solve ...

One branch, and we play basta ...
There, with the volume I used, I positioned myself in front and not leaving feedback! Impressive: usually, this part so quickly whistle ... then NOTHING!


The big plus compared to its competitors: The sound dispersion! The sound quality and is heard by all!

I had Carlsbrow, AER, SR Technology, Roland ... and always the same concern: the fate of a small box and the sound is tight. When you want to mount the volume, it gets harder and we are still asking the question of how to position it so it does not feedback to finally transplanted into a PA system!
I am a singer guitarist playing rock, pop, blues, acoustic jazz and with that, I do not need anything else like material ...

On big stages, I can use DI and back with a subculture on the sound system ...

In contrast, repeats and in Caf'Conc, restaurants, weddings, seminars, etc. (where I play most of the time is ideal and sufficient without breaking his back and head to the settings and other problems distribution, volume and feedback!)

Truly a concept tailored to what I do: From acoustic music in public! And once the service is complete, dismantled and stowed in the trunk of my car in 10 minutes ... Who says better?

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