moosers 04/08/2009

Fishman SoloAmp : moosers's user review


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The Fishman Solo Amp is a solid state guitar amplifier and PA designed for solo singer/songwriters looking for something to amplify their sound. It has a dual XLR input preamp, as well as 1/4 inch inputs for each channel as well. There are also some knobs for some EQ and leveling. While this is somewhat big, it is not too hard to carry up and bring with you if you are going to bring it to a show or even on tour.


The configuration of the Fishman Solo Amp is pretty basic and easy to follow. It is easy to get everything set up and to get a quick, good sound from this amp. The manual for the Fishman Solo Amp is pretty complete and I could see how it might be helpful when learning this product if you don't have any previous experience with anything like it. The Fishman Solo Amp's ease of use is one of its best qualities because it assures that it is aimed at everyone from beginners to professionals.


The Fishman Solo Amp is perfect for when I want to play acoustic guitar and sing solo. I can plug both my guitar and my microphones into this and get a good amplified sound. Fishman is known for making great pick ups, but this amp is also a great product. I usually use this with a Martin dreadnought acoustic/electric guitar and a Shure SM58 mic, and I feel that I get some good sounds with this configuration.


I've been using the Fishman Solo Amp for about six months and I believe it is the best product of its kind because of the great sound quality and affordable price. If you are a solo artist and find yourself needing amplification for shows or for practice, the Fishman Solo Amp is for you. This is very affordable for players on all budgets, without comprising sound quality. Overall, I highly recommend the Fishman Solo Amp for all types of solo artists.