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Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge
Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge

Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifier from Fishman

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Thread Mix D.I. Output - Can I record output?

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1 Mix D.I. Output - Can I record output?
I bought a small Fishman amp for practice and small solo gigs. It's great because it runs on battery, so I can use it where there's no power (which I did at a bonfire gig recently!).

I like to record out of the amp with a small digital recorder, which I do easily from my Bose Compact PA (RCA to .35mm). The only output the Fishman amp has is a Mix D.I., which is a male XLR.
I tried an XLR to .35mm cable to go into the mic input on my digital recorder, but no luck. I'm assuming the signal is not compatible with the recorder. Any ideas on how I can use that D.I. signal to record the amp output?

Thanks for any advice!