sydn 07/04/2012

Ibanez T80N : sydn's user review

«  Disappointed disappointed disappointed ... »

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80 Watt Amplifier dedicated acoustic guitar
Speaker 10 "
A guitar input jack with 3-band EQ with sweepable mid
A microphone XLR input with Tone and Volume.
Small size, light weight
Chorus switchable speed and depth control
Reverb with level control
Phase Invert-
Phantom Power Switch
Mute switch

Tilt bar


The settings are simple, no complaints.


I tested it in store, I just fiddled the knobs, but I have not had time to go. Anyway the little I have heard I was not convinced at all ...
Either the sound is not bad, the sound is quite nice and warm. But everything is a little deaf, and drowns the bass and mids in a boiling unpleasant, especially in chords or arpeggios.
The dynamics of your game is too soft for my taste, as if smothered.
I do not see too what else that can play jazz on it, because we find this sound with limited medium like so many jazz musicians, but his lack of dynamic condemns certainly be quickly placed into oblivion.


I have a T.20 I find admirable, and I wanted even more powerful group to play ... But I was disappointed. The S.80 retains this heat (but I found it less attractive all the same as that of T.20) but the dynamics are "deaf" and the sound is unclear, arpeggios sound a bit messy, even playing with settings anything done. Therefore impossible to use the S.80 group in my opinion, the frequencies of other instruments certainly will eventually drown the sound in a slurry unlistenable. In the limit if we do that solo, it can happen, and yet, as I said the momentum is too "eaten" by the speaker.
So, I kept my T.20 for possible acoustic gigs and home use (its power is perfect for this) and I dropped him to the S.80 preferred a less warm but marshall AS100D much more effective (not the same price either ... almost double).
I have not tested enough amp in this price range, but for me and amp is unusable as a group, what it appears to have been made.