greg0477 04/14/2013

Ibanez T80N : greg0477's user review

«  Excellent! »

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• Power: 80W
• HP 10 "coaxial tweeter
• 2 independent channels
• 2 instrument inputs (6.35mm jack), 2 mic XLR phantom power option, one auxiliary input (mini jack 1/8 ")
• Headphone output, line output
• Reverb and chorus controllable independently for each channel
• controls low, medium, acute
• phase inversion, notch filter and mute
• Tilt Cabinet

Config very simple, clear manual
Very easy to use it is a treat,
I love this amp that n'à nothing to envy of much more expensive amps and subtlety which does not justify the price difference
Nothing to say about the effects it is very transparent and the reverb is beautiful

In terms of style I play pure blues and jazz da variety thus
great versatility, and no more constraints lamps so no risk for transport ...)


I use it with 2 guitars and a Taylor C410 Taylor gs mini (yes I like Taylor)
Do not forget that if the guitar is bad the sound is very bad!
therefore testing with minimum average ranges of guitars (ie above 500 €)
or who have a piezo tiend the road.
sounds are very clean and clear, the guitar fit perfectly into the mix as well as microphones and bass are always delicious.

In rehearsal, I'm always surprised by the sound quality!
-In concert resumed on a sound and it is a treat when there is no sound there is enough powerful with 80 W so it Roll!

What is best to have two separate channels in (2 XLR jack and 2)
In the more entrèe with separate volume is a real asset which makes it 3 channels!
If you want the same thing in AER must add over 1000 €!
So the amp to an extensive connection!
In terms of pedals I need because the sounds of the amp suits me perfectly, I use the reverb and chorus of the amp and it is spot on!
I just kept a boss blues driver for light crunch
and a tuner pedal


Really cut out for the stage rehearsal and I also used my home, even with 80 watt it is quite possible to manage the volume


So you understand I am very satisfied!
A buy eyes closed