Marshall AS100D
ltb 01/16/2007

Marshall AS100D : ltb's user review


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Electro-acoustic combo 100 watt transistors.
- 4 channels.
- 2 HP 8 "and 2 tweeters plolymer high fidelity.
- 1 volume control per channel.
- Independent EQ for each channel (bass and treble).
- 2 XLR inputs for guitar and microphone.
- 16 digital effects (Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, delay ...) with control and adjustment level.
- Key phase.
- RCA Input (L / R).
- Filter-feedback-controlled frequency.
- Chorus assignable to a channel with Spread and Depth controls.
- Integrated Reverb with level control.
- Control of overall volume.
- Stereo effects loop.
- XLR Balanced output to HP emulation.
- Output Line-Out asymmetrical.


Very easy to use, note 2 pages, in fact, there is not really necessary.

Effects easy to adjust and dose ...

The only downside j'aurrais liked more information on the two anti régalge feedback. There is no info about it and we do not know too much about what channel these filters apply.

Otherwise, there is, the number of input and output is very valuable, it gives us a lot of possibilities of Use. Of all the amps I scrutinized before buying this one ... it is the only as complete.

The first two channels can simultaneously connect a microphone and a piezo microphone rosette. With each channel, a phase inverter handy (if necessary). (Personally, I use the second channel with a distortion pedal, which allows me to mix with many details the sound of my acoustic guitar with the gross distortion - It seems to have 2 guitars connected to the amp is quite convenient.)
A third input is for connecting a microphone, but amplification is not huge cons and see not enough compared to the guitar. There is too much difference. the microphone is too low. There must be a small amp between the mico and amplifier. For cons, I have tried it with a Shure SM58. So this may be true for a micro active.
The last entry is a Cinch stereo format. I have not tried yet. but it can be useful for a keyboard or formwork Minidisc portable.

Behind is great, an integrated stereo direct box. I tried Live Cubase is simply alluciant! Plus a stereo line output plus a stereo effects loop. In short, there is everything you need.


His side, I use a Martin electro and the sound is simply allucinant! The power is there! True, it fully complies with the grain MARTIN mean every detail, the dynamics is respected, the warmth of my MARTIN, too, the sound is clear, clean, precise, clean, efficice. In short, the perfect companion to my MARTIN. I do not regret my purchase. It's very good work.
The sound is warm, but it still recognizes the characteristics MARSHALL.
In rehearsal, I will not even Moitiers up and it's already super strong. The méduim and highs are there. For my part, I love that provides low heat plsu my sound and this amp, what happiness can be mounted without the feedback or make a vromibissement annoying. the anti-feedback is doing its job, as long as we spend time to fix it properly.
The effects are nice. j'utilse often combined REVERB + CHORUS. Can be assayed the intensity and volume of the effect. There are a lot of aps réglalges, but there are basics. I did not use voice on the track at the same time, so aps comments about it. In fact, I do not use the voice track. The Delay is adjustable in intensity and speed. The chorus is nice, it can be determined as desired. Arpeggios on the fingers, it really has an effect maginfique.
direct output of the integrated DI is stirring. Sound impeccable! On Cubase, Live sound card, sound is niquel, clean, clear and always accurate. It just needs a little warmth can be compared to the sound amplifier. but overall, it's very very good! Just add a little treatment on your software and it's done.
I use a distortion pedal on the SOND channel and the sound is very good. Mixed with clear sound at the same time, it provides a well rounded and warm!
In short, very good!


Very good investment. I hesitated between that and a Fender, but in the end I paid less than the Fender (promo) and the fact that there is all I / O + 4 tracks, I find it very comprehensive and this attracted me. Full of possibilities open to you from the beginning or for future purchases.
With Martin, it's the perfect companion. He will respect your playing dynamics, your accuracy, the sound is clean, clear, no noise, no ... well short, I recommend it;) A small wonder for the stage as in the studio.