Marshall AS50R
Marshall AS50R

AS50R, Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifier from Marshall in the AS series.

cordonnier 08/04/2005

Marshall AS50R : cordonnier's user review


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It is a compact 50W amp transistors in the second two entries can be either a jack or a double entry or a microphone jack rca is ideal for connecting an electric guitar sound and a second acoustic instrument or voice to the microphone, we can right amount of tone on each channel, effects (eg reverb on guitar and reverb on voice more or less accentuated each) it is compact but weighs a good weight for me that is a quality index


We get very quickly a good well-rich extreme ideal for electro (I have an ovation that's fine with) so I immediately loved it is that allows me to amplify "the both guitar and voice without any negative effects of each other and I dose my reverb on each case.
It was quickly comfortable with without having to anything (I started with the amps have always played on a guitar folk)
This amp is quite heavy for its size but for me no doubt a sign of quality.


I am a country, blues and sixties with my ovation entry level I am delighted and I attribute SOUND OBTAINED WITHOUT HESITATE TO NOTE MAXI.le sound is very rich both in acute low, j ' hear one more string sound very special dificil to describe (as in hi-fi VERY high end) indicating a finesse I like a lot.
To adapt my sound, I tried to choose the correct sound is the amp is on péampli guitar and came to the conclusion that it is corrected on the amp I get sound on cleaner is a good sign for the amplifier circuits .. hat!
Finally, to sing, the elimination of feedback from the specific functions of the amp is very efficient so you can play loud enough guitar + vocals, this system very effectively eliminates the effects returns! for the price I am quite happy ... and say that it seems that Marshall amps in the hard rock and I is the country my thing! MARSHALL BRAVO! DOWN WITH IMAGES LIMITS!


You understand I'm a total fan of this product and I use it every night for a month ... it's perfect for a medium, unwanted in a room where it will be very comfortable with his rich, without saturation of such dimensions ... without taking up lots of room ... its multiple inputs are a great advantage. I could not try the above model in the same mark that is 100W (who knows if it I used to play in a room + great ... yeah it's not tomorrow) but this product is double ... so I did not try too happy already .. I headed to 300 Euros and I am very happy!