Marshall AS50R
Marshall AS50R

AS50R, Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifier from Marshall in the AS series.

Bibine 04/03/2004

Marshall AS50R : Bibine's user review


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A 50W amplifier transistor. It possde 2 channels: the first between a Jack, a galistion two bands (bass, treble) and volume, the second possde 3 types of (a Jack to a guitar, a XLR mic and 1 RCA to connect a CD, a BAR, it has the same cannal rglages the first. CHANNELS The second is for that we use only one of three times between but you can connect both a microphone and a guitar on this channel (but legalization will be the same). s'avrer In troubleshooting this can be useful is then used to connect two guitars and a microphone . The bnficient both channels of a chorus and a reverb. There is also a feedback filter and a phase inverter. Rear Facing, we XLR DI output, handy for live be transplanted on the PA system. It was also the inputs and outputs for effects loop. In terms of this amp is trs CHARACTERISTICS complete.


The configuration is relatively simple and easily obtained a good sound. The manual is quite short, but there's not much explanation of head fawn.


It is well suited to use as I did. I use most often with a guitar on the first cannal and a microphone on the deuxime. I also used with electric via a multi effect and the sound is also not bad. The sound is pretty good.


I use this amp for a little over a year. I find it pretty well, I used a lot of situations (concert in bars, concert halls, listed in the sound) and he never possible problem. The report quality price is right. With the experience I think I would do the same choice.