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Roland AC-33
Roland AC-33
Deuf35 Deuf35

«  Trs good! »

Published on 11/20/11 at 03:32
It's a scratching noise transistor amplifier, Stereo speakers with 2 12 cm 15 watts for a power of 30W in total then.
- 2 channels: one for guitar, a microphone jack, but with a between 6.35 if ever the urge takes to transfer the voice for the benefit of a second guitar.
- A small loop station intgre (-2 footswitch for use with a boss-FS5U also works without, but good luck to use it), which takes into account the two channels.
Function-antifeedback Vitera that the feedback
- Each channel is fitted chorus type of "space" and "wide" (a growing chorus So, I personally do not use them).
- Of the two channels together, there will be a button to the reverb rgler
- Finally, the channel is adjustable on guitar on volume, bass, middle and treble (no middle rglage for channel micro), and we have a total volume of knob ...
- Note, this amp can be used on batteries (1.5V 8), but I have yet to test this foncitonnalit.
That's it pretty much:)


This is a good amp I think the sound given complies with the basic instrument! That's what I wanted.
Parcontre sound power is not high rev ...
We can however use it in a caf concert without problem (with the volume pots BACK!), But otherwise it will have to dub in a mixer (nothing so catastrophic:)).
Strong points also: this amp is only 4.7 kgs, sth like a, and therefore it is perfectly portable (VS 18kgs of the Marshall AS50 acoustic for example)


Trs good sound, according Fidler uses the guitar.


In résumé:
> Trs a good amp for those who want to use home or caf concert
> Really very practical features, like the little looper and the 2nd channel to connect a microphone
> Reduces weight and fully mobile use possible Reduces weight and the fact that it also runs on batteries!
9.5/10 for a little more power would be better t ...
But the above MODEL (AC60) does not have as many features ...
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