wphantom 08/26/2004

Roland AC-60 : wphantom's user review


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Transistor amplifier 2x30W
Two parallel channels:
-Channel guitar (Jack) selector pieza / magnetic 3bandes with eq & volume
channel microphone or other instrument (XLR / jack): Line level / mic phantom power supply 3bandes eq & volume

abundant connections (balanced line out, di out / tuner, sub woofer out, to connect to in one or two sources to be mixed with both channels ...)
superb chorus & reverb / delay
nothing is missing except perhaps for the greedy one insert effect (although it can cope with the di out + in).
Everything is super lightweight (9.8kg) was carried shoulder ds superb cover provided. Little foot to tilt the amp for better production and ability to put it on a tripod speaker standard.


Classic and simple, clear but probably unnecessary manual ... The only trick is to select the types of chorus and intensity (on a single knob) and use of automatic anti larsen (this one is very efficient and the auto setting works well).
that one branch of the sound is good ...


I do a bit of a disposal on singing and also jazz and bossa with a Yamaha APX nylon & a copy of stratocumulus with a microphone "jazz" make to order. I also use it a digital accordion (sem).
I need only the effects included (mainly reverb and chorus a few times).

On this wonder, all the eq settings I have on a great sound with my two grates and my accordion. with electro I tend to take a half Poille treble for a more rounded. on the accordion I add a bit of bass.

I directly compared with the marshall as50r before "and for me to buy a DS as part of its jazz there is no picture more than the 3-band EQ on each channel is very flexible (only 2bandes the marshall).

Highly amplified on stage is a great return and with his line out to the console (balanced outputs).


That amp is awesome for me, convenient portable, versatile (my accordion sounds great) and he follows me everywhere.
It was super well thought out (mute button that cuts out everything but the tuner ... and many other things), a beautiful chorus (though I'm not a big fan of chorus) and a nice reverb. The 2x30W enough to do a lot of noise and can fit on a background scene ds jazz drummer with a not too furious ...
For me the optional subwoofer has never proven useful (a guitar is not so much lower than that) even with the accordion noon.
To me a wonder ...