Delirihome 06/10/2004

Roland AC-60 : Delirihome's user review


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The roland ac 60 is a great little amp transistors certainly Designed originally to plug a scratching noise, but ultimately, he can do more than has even seen almost everything. I explain:
Between a jack for the guitar with a button to choose between micro magntique (electric guitar, normal) and pizo (lctro acoustic)
1Between re XLR for the guitar or singing with a microphone for power interuptor fantme.
A, reverb or delay, chorus, anti feedback while arglable with optional foot switch.

Derrire and is a festival: Auxiliary input jack Stereo RCA + (for everything that makes sound) tuner, two footwitches, two line outputs and XLR output for a sub bass possibly.
And I have forgotten a thing or two ...

EVERYTHING has a small cube of 10 kilo range in its cover!


Personally I use this amp for vocals and guitar, playing and singing jazz standards. Rpeter, clubs, gigs ... He follows me everywhere.

Song: my shure beta 58 in the trs me a clear voice that stays warm without distortion, trs intelligible sound is better than a marshall or 50 as a junior Carlsbro (amps senss be equivalents). Low mdium, acute amends with his efficiency. I leave everything in the middle is nickel. A hair rverb (numrique Obviously) and that's it. The feedback is anti trs ... ffective although it is even more effective moves away from the mic the amp, otherwise, forcment, we simply remove the sound abyss of frequencies.
Do not leave the microphone in front of the HP and all is well.
Of course, there are the blows, but less than 2 amps on the above named.

Guitar: in between my L5 jack (set to "magntique"), rglages in the middle, the hair rverb and I'm thrilled. Trs good sound. Not me, it's the public who says it.
I have long compared: we also get a good sound on Carlbro but it is much better than the marshall. And no breath (this from anyway).
With my Yamaha electro-nylon (between jack and button "piezo"), for me, the little Roland is the best of 3: clear, relatively deep, musical ... Provided that the electro can be.

When I sometimes play rock / blues, I plug in my little Patrick Eggle electric pdalier on my Boss GT 3 which goes in line inputs Stereo, leaving the other input es oprationnelles. Its nickel, faithful and obssant.

I must say even when you can not have the sound of a marshall 3 bodies of 16 cm in diameter

Another tip: 2 X 30 watt, but the real watts.


The most enjoyable with this amp is its weight and size, not to mention its cover with his pockets. Let's see, what I have in the ... my book of sheet music, amp, microphone, XLR cord, a large Jack, an electrical extension cord, my book of sheet music, a mini tool kit, rope, mdiators ... Here? My bob! There gure that the mic that I can not store. I wear has bandoullire, a guitar in each hand and a microphone stand under his arm. Rsultat: one trip! You become lazy with age ...


An amp to do everything he party as it is the IDAL to me. I've had six months and I had no problem until today.
Well, ok, it's not vintage ... but it's better! It is the one sees how technology evolves in the matrial, electronics, ergonomics. It appears that the AER amps are even better. Except it's three times more expensive and APRS I am told they are not three times better.
My wish would be to try it with a sub bass cabinet for large concerts. But you lose the spirit of Acts 60. We can always use it and plug it back in line out on the PA system. I tried: trs it works well.
In short, if you need to buy an amp to play and sing, to try the AC 60!