Schertler Jam 150
Schertler Jam 150

Jam 150, Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifier from Schertler in the Jam Amps series.

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abirato 10/27/2009

Schertler Jam 150 : abirato's user review


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See other amps SR Technology.
it is the old model of 150PLUS JAM WOOD
The only difference a priori input.


This is not the JAM 400 WOOD, but it's 150W heartfelt, effective (sensitive ears away)


It's great: lightweight, adjustable at will, really really really great for acoustic and natural sounds
I thought HK Motion or sound, but not the budget and when I get it, I skip a heartbeat years on the JAM WOOD 400.

Current use, just for my GEM RP-X module for sound rhodes, clavinet, Wurlitzer and piano
+ I connect over my sanza, lithophone, minidisc, melodica and piano Pianet T 36 ...
Not yet tested this, but I do not care.

alesis reverb included: what you ask for?


I've just discovered the existence of these wonders, I got the whole catalog SR technology, I drool ...

NEW EDIT - 3 years later:
extract from a notice on its use with my future Clavia Nord Electro 3-73:
"So I decided to offer my SR JAM150 I really like, an SR-X MON me will have two speakers for stereo, after Christmas I'll invest in a 300W sub DB technologies: sw 12 Arena or other ... It cost me about € 950 in total (I found SR 150 secondhand three years ago to 350 or 400 € I know), but it is super convenient: it then to choose the SR alone or with my stereo or sub-X + SR or three as needed! All plugged into my mackie ProFX8. JAMWOOD The 400 is tempting but a little bigger and more expensive (900 € used), and does not rule out HP as SR 2 small, too powerful for many uses I find ... Made pianos, sanza, melodica, etc etc perfect! At home, my SR 150 is between 1 to 3 of volume!
And it fits easily in the trunk of a small car, I can set limits over the keyboard! Two round trips alone, I carry around ALL my stuff! Go three if I'm a bit flat, it's still better than being drummer!

SR DB and we said, it's Italian or an equivalent of HK as AER / neutral for us keyboardists, I do not know much about the big amps keyboards otherwise motionsound Hartke or other, but they often 40kg and are very expensive for what it is I find: a big bowl, a big solid block. SR is practical, light, it is placed on the ground, one foot on a chair, which weighs 13kg? It measures just 35/30/40cm and has two XLR microphone inputs (phantom without PSU), 2 RCA jacks and one with small shipments of Equal and reverb / delay (this is gadget) bored, XLR direct output, an RCA output with adjustable volume ... The only drawback is the handle: only slots, no real handle flycase. "