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MikeAlaGuitare 10/31/2005

Schertler Unico : MikeAlaGuitare's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It is a simply amazing amp ...

The characteristics of this amp are:
4 inputs:
- 1 microphone singing
- A dynamic mic (Schertler preamp built in)
- 1 microphone Static (Schertler preamp built in)
- 1 input line

3 outputs:
- 1 x DI
- 1 auxiliary output
- 1 output line

+ Input / effect pedal volume.

In the output has an adjustable level, with a low pass filter for adding a bass cabinet.
Power: 185 W RMS (2 woofers: 150 + 35)
Analog spring reverb!!
Material Class
Weight 14.5kg

I bought this amp sound basis for a classical guitar and folk:
- An old classical guitar with a sound recording of a rather special type 2 piezo sensors coupled, connected to the input without preamp in Stat,
- A Seagull S6 + CW Cedar with a microphone M1 LR Baggs active in the same entry (I know, it's double preamp, but what the ....)

An incredible, powerful, and faithful .... It's bewitching. The spring reverb me stuck. It is stop adjustable on 2 levels:
- Each entry in its own reverb control
- + Global reverb to the Main.
For the classic, it gives her a "concerto" really rich, and for the folk, an undeniably powerful sound. It sounds what. Baggs thank you;) Very good microphone!
(Have a look on for testing audio)

The controls of this amp are numerous, with a mixer looks really cool. The inputs are dual XLR / Jack (except for the song if I remember correctly), it's to save space;)

A big surprise on this amp was when I plugged my guitar electric ...
A Vigier Indus, without pedal with nothing. Crystaline sound, the true sound of my guitar. It was beautiful, sweet.
We had to push the test further:
a pedal distortion / overdrive? the sound is rather very blah (this is not for, normal ...)
on the other hand, with a pedal (Korg 1500G by me), or better yet a SansAmp GT2 (amp emulator), it is lost!
I could not believe it!
Connected to the input states in the GT2 gives me an incredible sound with an attack, pure bass that stir my apartment (and with my neighbors, the poor).
I rediscovered this pedal, and I fell in love with this couple (UNICO + GT2)

My Laney amp lamp went live in the closet. Different régalges the GT2 on this amp did not give richness to the sound. But with the Shertler, that's another story. A story that gives me chills. Buckley and Guilmour are in my living room now.

This little thing I am now across all of my rehearsals. It is very powerful (185W) and very compact (not much bigger than my Laney LC15 ...)
In addition it allows you to connect multiple instruments at the same time, the sound does not mix (ie voice + electric + scratch scratching dry ...)

Finally, the price is quite high (€ 1000), but I bought it much cheaper in Belgium. So for me, an excellent price / quality ratio.
I use it now for 4 months and I do not part with it for anything;)


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